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                                                                                                                 This site show cases my new proposal for Herne Bay Pier, working in association with the Herne Bay Pier Trust we are looking to create the next phase of regenerating the pier. This scheme is a natural evolution of what the Pier Trust have already been developing, activating the site with shops and activities to attract visitors. The successful future regeneration of the pier relies on creating a fun and sympathetic architecture coupled with flexible public space, so that it can adapt to the changing needs of the community.


The government have set aside £8million for coastal regeneration, please help us attract some of these funds to invigorate our pier,by clicking the red banner above and signing our e-petition. Thank you, we hope to see you beside the seaside soon.




Following the dismantling of the Pier Pavilion leisure centre, the current empty pier is a blank canvas but it’s developing a life of its own. The cleared plot has allowed for a mixture of changing events and temporary structures, markets, festival activities and retail huts, all funded and organised by the Herne Bay Pier Trust. The small beach hut style shops have been such a hit that they are being extended.







By moving the shop huts to the centre, both sides of the pier can be accessed giving, improved footfall to shops, excellent views and a better connection with the seafront. Dual aspect shops can be accessed from both sides of the boardwalk – encouraging better circulation and movement around the pier

A fringe of planters around the perimeter will make the pier look like a floating park gliding out over the sea.

By offsetting the rows of huts, the roof form can take on a more playful wave shape. The wavy roof profile will create an inspiring interior which could also be hired out as an event / party space.

By stretching the end of the run of huts a large bar & restaurant can be formed with outdoor seating gets brilliant views, East and West along the seafront and South onto the public square.


Low maintenance plating at the edges of the public space formed from gabions (wire baskets full of stones) to resemble the pebbles on the beach are topped with dark timber to form benches. Seating and structures are set back from the pier edge to allow circulation and space for monster crab fishing.

Water fountains in the centre of the square will animate the public square and help to cool you down on a hot day. These can be turned off to create more space on the piazza for events, or illuminated at night to add a bit of drama.


A timber wave structure covered in tensile fabric creates a protected stage , views through he structure will frame the old pier head which will form the backdrop to performances. The old Pier could be wired to act as part of an interactive laser show to correspond with concerts. When not being used as a stage the wave canopy will be a shelter for people to eat or look out to the sea.

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Introduction to the new scheme